Parents and Music Instructors

Keyboard Beginnings

Book I

Keyboard Beginnings introduces children to their first playing experience on the piano and keyboard as a solo and ensemble instrument. Children are gradually introduced to note and rhythm notation through the repetition of note patterns and simple rhythms in each song. The books include activity pages for reviewing concepts taught in each song.

The repertoire in Keyboard Beginnings includes original melodies and lyrics in addition to traditional folk music and the music of well-known composers. The program was created for and tested with pre-school children as well as early elementary school students to assure student motivation and enthusiasm.

The goal of Keyboard Beginnings is to develop in each student the beginning of a lifelong appreciation of music and the pleasure of performing for one s own enjoyment.

Keyboard Beginnings is suitable for home schooled instruction guided by parent, private lessons with music teacher, or group classroom training.

Book I package includes an instructional CD featuring the voices of young children. Each of the songs is recorded at two tempos: a slower tempo for practice and a faster tempo for presentation.

Judy Kagel
Originator and Composer
Keyboard Beginnings